1B915  Commercial Clock

The 1H915 returned to the Telechron lineup unchanged after the War --until 1947 anyway.  That year, the clock was re-worked with the same case but a B-rotor movement  Pick up one of these if you can.  You're not seeing things; the clock on the right has the numbers backward.  It belonged to Pee Wee the Barber in Webster, MA who reversed the coils so the rotor runs backwards and stuck the reverse numbers on the dial so his clients could tell time behind them by looking in the mirror in front of them.
Production of this model was halted due to the War but resumed afterward (with the changes noted above).
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Clock Company Streamlines Name

The Corporate name of the Warren
Telechron Co., manufacturer of elec-
tric clocks and other timing devices,
has been changed to Telechron Inc.,
it was announced recently by I.W.
Kokins, President of the Ashland,
Mass. concern.  The purpose of the
change, he said was to relate the name
Telechron more closely to the firm's

From Electrical Merchandising
May 1946