2H15 and 2H15S The Kitchenmate                         (that's mine above)

The original Kitchenmate is there on the left.  It came in ivory, green, red or white.  The 2H15S came out in 1948 and replaced green with yellow.  The 2H15S not only had the numerals arranged in a square, but had the dial angled down slightly for your viewing pleasure.  Almost unbelievably, Telechron sales figures show over 19,000 2H15s being sold in 1963 in pink, red and yellow.  That's 15 years after the 2H15 was discontinued!

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            Post-War Magicto the 2H17

This unmarked Telechron 2H15 clone was sold by Mongomery Ward.  Note the hands from the 2F03.