3H07  The Gracewood

Remember all those 1930's tambour clocks?  Great big things with inlaid wood and sweeping lines.  This all we got in 1945.  Less than a foot long, it was stained to look like mahogany but some of these are walnut and some are something else.

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Above is the back of the 2nd of these I've refinished.  The metal dogtag was sometimes placed on the underside but I like it right on the back.  This is a solid block of wood except for the feet.  Interestingly, (at least on this example) the feet were mahogany.  Despite it's low model number, this is a post-War model and came with a rubber cord.  I don't have many friends among Ebay sellers anyway and I lost any chance with the guy who was selling one of these with "its original cloth cord".  I never did get him to change that ad but I did have lots of fun pestering him.  The Gracewood  name would turn up one more time before the end.