3H155  The Glamour

In an ebony plastic case, the "Glamour" is meant to be used where an occasional clock is desired. The gold color metal bezel, hands, numerals and numeral dots are in contrast with the black metal dial. There are four large numerals for the due north, south. east and west hours of 12, 6, 3 and 9. All other numbers are indicated by good-size dots.  Movement of the clock contains the self-starting synchronous Telechron motor.  Suggested to retail at $4.95.

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I got this cookie at the flea market in 1999.  The guy must have felt bad for me and gave it to me for a song.  I think it was about 100 degrees that day and I was carrying around a sack of clocks like a sweaty  Santa.  I must have looked pretty bad.  Or maybe he felt bad because the clock didn't work and he didn't tell me.  I got the last laugh. As I was taking it off the shelf to repair, I dropped it and it started working.  I still haven't as much as cleaned this clock.  It does have its original black, rubber cord and white plug so common in the 40's.