4H55  The Statesman

The CASE of this distinctive model is white plastic with gold color movement cover, supported by a back foot rest. 3 1/2" cream-white DIAL with etched-in white Roman numerals on a gold color NUMERAL BAND. HANDS—metal, gold color. The MOVEMENT contains the standard, self-starting synchronous Telechron motor, with all the patented features that insure quiet, long life.  Telechron Clocks are approved by the Underwriters' Laboratories under the re-examination service. CORD-6 ft. attached. HEIGHT 5 1/4", WIDTH 5 1/4", DEPTH 2 3/4"

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Waste not, want not.  The "F" on this 4F55 movement cover was overstruck to make it "4H55".

The durable, forgiving lucite case of 4H55 makes it a very common model today and they keep winding up on my workbench.