Don't smoke in bed, kids. 

7H118L  The Troubadour

Self-starting—just plug it in, requires no winding.  Sealed in oil mechanism—rotor unit sealed in a life-time bath of oil—requires no oiling.  Smartly styled—antique ivory plastic case with ivory feet and gold colored bezel.  Easy-to-read dial—with luminous numerals—protected by curved glass crystal.  Attractive hands—Painted luminous hour and minute hands with gold colored sweep-second hand.  Durable Cord set—G-E long lasting quality cord set, Underwriters' approved.  Alarm—gold colored alarm hand—pleasant but positive bell alarm tone.
Width, 5 in.;  height, 4 1/16 in.;  depth, 3 in.   $4.95

I wouldn't have pegged Troubadour as one of the few pre-War alarms to re-appear after the War but here he is.  Looks like it only came in ivory by this point.
Production of this model was suspended due to the War but resumed afterward.
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