7H133  The Embassy

An  Electric  Alarm  with  a  Colonial  Accent

"So gay, in its quaint New England way... so very different from the usual electric alarm... Embassy's as refreshing as a Cape Cod breeze, as rich as "Down East" tradition.  It has a mellow maple finish, an intriguing bowl shape... and brings you the electric time you can depend on to be right to the minute for years.  It's a silent alarm clock that lets you sleep...  there's never a tick to test your slumber.  And its on-the-dot alarm keeps on ringing until you wake up and stop it.  Of course, Embassy never needs winding, oiling or regulating, and has the self-starting motor that has long been making a name for Telechron as the world's top favorite in electric alarms.  See Embassy and other smart models at your Telechron dealer."

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Of all the features Telechron alarms carried*, this was far and away the most idiotic.  An alarm that continued ringing forever until you shut it off.  In the past, alarms would ring for about twenty minutes then kindly shut off.  If you're such a mush head that you can't hear an alarm ringing two feet from your head for 20 minutes,  you probably don't have anything to get up for anyway.  Isn't this the same ad that worries the ticking of a windup clock might wake you?  As for the REAL problem: that &#*! alarm.  At UMASS, I lived in a suite with 8 other guys.  One guy went home for the weekend but left his alarm set.  It went off and sounded ALL DAY.  We didn't have the key to get in and turn it off (we were thinking of worse things to do to it...)  Finally, we got a sympathetic R.A. to let us pull the fuse to his room.  (We forgot he had an aquarium in there but we were able to get some shuteye.)

*alarm features carried by Telechron clocks over the years: