7H135  The Telalarm Jr.

The CASE is of ivory colored plastic. DIAL-3" metal, dark tan background with brown characters on light ivory numeral band. BEZELómetal, gold color, lacquered. HANDSómetal, brown lacquer finish.  The alarm MOVEMENT includes the new Control-A-Tone feature which permits adjustment of the alarm tone to meet indi-vidual requirements. The clock is supplied with a 6-foot cord set.  Telechron clocks are approved by the Underwriters' Laboratories under the re-examination service.
HEIGHT 3 3/4", WIDTH 4 9/16", DEPTH 2 3/4"

T Jr. was a member of that biggest of all Telechron design families, the Secretary.  I'd say this clock took less after its father, Telalarm than after it's mom.

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Telalarm Jr. with fully-luminous case.  Spooky.