7H137 The Little Tel

Here's a trim little alarm clock that you never have to wind, or oil, or regulate.  Little Tel is an electric clock, at a price that's pleasingly low.  It can't run down, or fast, or slow.  You're sure of the right time; you can count on the on-the-dot alarm to keep sounding until you wake up and stop it.  And, of course, Little Tel has the famous-for-accuracy Telechron motor that has long been making Telechrons the most popular electric docks in the world.  Small enough to double as a traveling clock.

Even smaller than the Telalarm Jr., this little stinker was Telechron's lowest priced clock for years.  When they said, "prices start at $3.98", this was the clock they meant.  As crummy as they were, the public couldn't get enough.  They made millions of these and time was you could pick one up at the flea market every week.  The very earliest of these had a glass crystal--that was the first thing to go.  The model was re-designed and cheapened year after year; 7HA137, 7HB137, 7HC173, 7HD137 and even a 7HE137 and every new version was a little bit worse.

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Why pose all mine together when some helpful Ebay seller of yesteryear did it for me?  This handy pic shows the size differences of all these similar-looking models.