7H139  The Talisman

The CASE is wood with mahogany finish and two vertical maple finish inlay bands.  DIAL-3" metal, with brown characters on a light cream background.  BEZELómetal, gold color, lacquered. HANDSómetal, brown lacquer finish.  The alarm MOVEMENT includes the new Control-A-Tone feature which permits adjustment of the alarm tone to meet individual requirements.  CORD-6 ft. attached.  HEIGHT 4 3/8", WIDTH 4 3/4", DEPTH 2 3/4"

Early Talismans (Talismen?) came with the Control-A-Tone knob (and maybe a striped reset signal?).  At the end (7HC139) they had no reset signal OR Control-A-Tone.  Early Talismans had a metal dogtag (the last model so equipped) but most had an orange sticker with the model info.  The mahogany varied from natural to orange to brown too.  For some reason, this was a very popular model.
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Another of mine.  I only refinished the top of this one.  (The finish was 80% gone when I got it.)  Two obvious differences between this piece and the one at the top are the dark mahogany color and the underslung, coppery dogtag.  Less obvious differences are the beefier case grommets and the deep knob recesses in the other piece.   Must have been some disagreement with the case maker about the dimensions.