7H153  The Starlet or Serene         

For those that prefer a small alarm clock.  It has an ivory plastic case, white dial, brown hands,easy-to-read numerals and our persistent buzzer alarm.

I think the white-dialed ones were the Starlets.  Larry F.'s (bottom of page with box) has a brown dial but has the same hand shape as the early ones.  The end-of-line 7HB153 (above right) had the ugly hands and the yellowy case.    I have a white-dialed one and the dial is made of paper.  I don't know if they all were but mine is.  I think all the brown dials were painted steel.

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This 7H153 had a fully-luminous case. 


This 7HB153 came in brown.


here's the back of the little Starlet