Available only as a General Electric model   7H154 The Chantilly

Beautifully styled, with a smooth case of molded plastic, the Chantilly has all the qualities desired in an alarm clock.  It is thoroughly dependable—the alarm is loud, punctual, and persistent.  It may be had in gleaming ivory, or in a warm brown.  Large, easy-to-read light-ivory dial with brown numerals, ringed by a smart tan bezel.  Distinctive hour and minute hands that point the time out clearly.  The hour and minute hands are dark brown in sharp contrast to the light dial.  The sweep second hand is green.  Self-starting—there is no winding.  Once alarm is set, it is set for good.  You merely pull out alarm lever before going to bed.  Sealed-in-oil mechanism—rotor unit sealed in a lifetime bath of the finest oil.  Long-lasting quality cord set, available in two colors, ivory and brown—Underwriters' approved.  Dimensions—width, 4 1/4 inches; height, 41/2 inches; depth, 3 inches.

Chantilly was the reconversion War Alarm #2 .

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C. R. Thorson, sales manager of the Clock Division of General Electric Co. also announced that their alarm clock bearing the name "war alarm" will have its face lifted by the resumption of the G-E trademark. Mr. Thorson, stated however, that the new model will be "identically the same clock" as the first, except for the company trademark. Only the one model is in production now, but it is expected additional models will be available as soon as production facilities are available.