7H157  The Colonnade

This is mahogany but it's stained to look like maple (I guess).  It's very pretty, though.  Most of these were built with a control knob for changing the loudness of the alarm but mine is an early example without one.  If it looks familiar, it's because Colonnade is just a 7H139 plopped into a new case.  You may wonder why this one has no cord.  No, I didn't put in a quartz movement.  You see, this clock normally lives in drawer with some broken pals.  He came down to get his picture taken, then back he goes.  I did clean the crystal.  I'm afraid to say the clock originally belonged to someone who must have died of lung cancer.  The inside smelled like an ashtray and there was a glue-like nicotine film covering the inside and outside of the glass.  Bleaah.  This model has that rotten single piece bezel that they must have crimped with a special tool.  It's really hard to get on and off.  At least you don't have to worry about breaking off the little tabs.

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