Available only as a General Electric model The 7H162 Gay Hour & 7HA162 New Gay Hour

"Select-A-Larm" feature gives volume control.  Mahogany-finished case.  Cream-white face, light-tan numerals outlined in chocolate-brown, gold-color hands and bezel.  Red sweep second hand, sea-green alarm-set hand.  5 1/4  in. wide, 4 5/16 in. high, 2 1/8 in. deep.

A rugged, solid mahogany case that could hit the floor any number of times means it's still easy to find one even in the 21st Century.  Someone lost or stole the sales records for the 7H162 so I can only take an educated guess that the "New Gay Hour" just meant it had the "Select-A-Larm" feature.  That let you control the alarm loudness which really works great.  Telechron models called it "Control-A-Tone" as seen in the Talisman.  The 7H139 Talisman was Gay Hour's Telechron companion.  I wonder if it liked being introduced that way at cocktail parties?

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