Available only as a General Electric model  The 7H164 Beau Alarm

In all General Electric's long history, there has never been an alarm clock like the "BEAU ALARM"!  It's handsome—handsome enough to add distinction to any home. Its workmanship is right up there with General Electric Alarm Clocks THREE times its size and cost.  And . . . The "BEAU ALARM'S" price is only $3.95!
The "BEAU' ALARM'S" case is truly beautiful—sturdy plastic in rich mottled mahogany.  An easy-to-read dial—chocolate brown characters on a light grey dial.  And remember, only $3.95—rock-bottom price in the distinguished General Electric Alarm Clock line!  The picture cannot do justice to this "Tom Thumb" with the BIG ALARM.
See the "BEAU ALARM" today! Here's a whopping lot of clock for $3.95.

I think this is the last model with walnut bakelite.  Small.  A lot smaller than its namesake --only 3 7/8" inches tall.

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