7H165  The Coronado                                  (here's mine-- my old pal, Larry made me a gift of it)

A funny thing happened around 1949.  Telechron and G.E. movements, which had previously been held together with nickel-plated screws, were now riveted or staked.  This meant two things-- one great and one terrible:  First, the initial quality of the clocks had increased.  Credit G.E.'s ultramodern assembly line for that.  Clocks that failed inspection must have been the exception because they couldn't be repaired anymore before they left the shop.

The other side of that coin showed that G.E. now considered these clocks disposable.  You can't properly clean a riveted movement without getting it apart.   I wish I could tell you that case design and materials were still important in Ashland at this time but I can't. I consider this to be last, really nice alarm clock to come from Telechron.  From here on out it's a bobsled ride down, down, down to the end.

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