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Available only as a General Electric model   7H166 The Morning Glory

Brilliant Appearance - Melodious Bell Alarm - Accurate Time

    Beauty is combined with utility in this attractive new General Electric alarm clock.  Its flawlessly cast metal case has a soft, satiny, butler silver finish and gold-colored, fluted brass feet.  (not that emerald-colored brass) Its bell alarm sounds a melodious but positive signal.
* Ideal for the bedroom but decorative enough for use as an occasional clock.
* Easy-to-read dial--polished gold characters are set off by etched satin silver background.
* Distinctive gold-colored hands harmonize with the brightly polished brass bezel.
* No winding.  Once the alarm is set, you need only pull out a lever each night before retiring.
* Self-starting--just plug it in--electricity does the work.
* Sealed-in-oil mechanism--precision motor is sealed in lifetime bath of oil for accurate time.
* Durable cord set, ivory colored--Underwriters' approved.
* Dimensions--width 6 1/2 inches; height 4 3/4 inches; depth 3 inches.
* Rating--60 cycles.  110-125 volts standard.  Other frequencies and voltages on special order.

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The metal case  may be "flawlessly cast" but the finish always deteriorates.  Every one I've ever seen looks like heck now.