Photos courtesy Telechrony

Available only as a General Electric model   7H170 The Morning Star

What's Bright at night, always right?   The Morning Star... $7.95 plus tax
Besides the two excellent qualities mentioned above, this handsome General Electric Alarm Clock wakes you on time, every time!  Here's why it's bright at night—if you happen to like a night light in the long, dark winter.  Just flick a small switch on the back and presto!—the face lights up!  Clearly "readable"!
Here's why it's always right, PLUS the many other advantages which cause people to buy G-E Clocks in such tremendous numbers:
1. No winding ... self-starting, just plug in.
2. Quiet ... no tick tock.
3. Dependable ... wakes you on time, every time.
4. Accurate ... electrically checked by your power company to correspond with official Naval Observatory Time.

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