8H55  The Selector

You'll waken cheerfully to your favorite radio program with this handsome Telechroil "Selector" clock that will switch your radio on and off at the desired times. This clever clock will also start and turn off your coffee and time your roaster and other electrical appliances. If you like a lighted house when returning home late at night, set the clock to switch on your lamp at the appropriate hour. Mahogany color plastic case with 3 1/4" metal dial. Height 5 1/4 width PA"; depth 3 1/4".  $15.95

The last Telechron clock to come with a cloth cord was the Selector but most of them did have a rubber one.  This radio timer was plenty rugged, that's why there's so very many around.  Don't pay alot for this clock; at one point (March, 2020) as many as 39 were available on Ebay.

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