World's First Clock Radio

8H59  The Musalarm

A combination radio and conventional alarm clock in a rich maroon color plastic case. This radio alarm clock will awaken you to radio music or automatically turn on your favorite radio program at any time selected. The conventional alarm signal can be used or not as desired.

First Clock Radio?
There were a couple models of full-sized console radios with Telechron timer movements that could turn them on but they weren't sold as alarm clock radios.  Musalarm was small enough for the night stand and sold as a clock radio and is evidently the first of that type.   Announced in November, 1945,  the 8H59 hit the shelves in 1946.  Production stopped just one year later to make way for the much-improved, five-tube 8H67.
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Ivory Musalarms were introduced in April,1947.

A scan of the original Telechron sales record for the Musalarm. 


Detail from Francesco Collura's 1946 design patent.