Available only as a General Electric model   The 8H60 Beam Alarm

"Makes your bedside lamp a silent alarm"

This unique clock makes lamp flash intermittently at wake-up time. Grand for hard-of-hearing.  Silent —it wakes only the user (as long as they sleep with someone who is hard-of-seeing).  Conventional buzzer alarm can be used without light —or combines with light to sound shortly after light flashes.  Clear dial—ivory numerals on chocolate bronze bezel stand out—match ivory plastic case and ivory alarm face.  Modern hands — vermillion sweep second hand.  All other hands are chocolate brown.  Knobs—knurled ivory plastic.  Left knob controls switch —right knob controls alarm time set —pulls out for conventional buzzer alarm.  Quality cord —Underwriters' approved, ivory color.  Self-starting—requires no winding.  Sealed-in-oil mechanism—rotor unit sealed in a lifetime bath of oil—needs no oiling. Width 4 7/16", height 4 7/8", depth 2 1/2".   Price $6.95

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Alarm Clocks to Wake the Deaf
The Warren Telechron Company, of Ashland, Mass., manufacturers of well known time-keepers, have recently sent out a questionnaire to ascertain the demand for alarm clocks which will awaken those who cannot hear them. If the results of the survey indicate that a definite need exists, the company will make an effort to have special clocks produced, perhaps before the end of the war. The questionnaire inquires about preferences for spring-wound or electric clocks; estimates as to fair prices; and preferences for different types of "waker-uppers" —flashing lights, vibrators, or very loud alarms. If you need such a clock, or know others who do, you will be rendering a service if you fill in one of these questionnaires. If you did not receive one, ask the company for it. Getting such a product on the market may help somebody to hold his job. 

From the Volta Review July 1944.  Clocks like the Beam Alarm might have come out of that survey. Was this just keen market research or an abundance of patiotism?  I say the reason was mostly humanitarian and no one is gonna convince me otherwise!