1H512  Commercial Clock

Bronze or white lacquer, or chrome plate finish.  DIAL has black characters on a white background.  Convex crystal.  12" dial  is 14 15/16" across, 2 7/8" deep.

Same as the 1H508 only bigger.

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Starts Victory Time Campaign
Starting a nation-wide movement to set all display clocks in retail stores to the "V for Victory" time, 12:55, instead of placing the hands at 8:18, a time seen frequently on the faces of clocks, attractive Irene Ryan contrasts the new with the old at the Warren Telechron plant, Ashland, Massachusetts, where from now on all clocks shipped will be set to V time. 

With most able-bodied young men in the Service and America in dire need of War production, women found they were more than capable working outside the home.