1H912  Commercial Clock

This surface type, round moulded fiber CASE has a wrinkled statuary bronze enamel finish.  12" metal DIAL has black characters on a white background.  The MOVEMENT contains the standard, self-starting synchronous Telechron motor, with all the patented features that insure quiet, long life.  Telechron Clocks are approved by the Underwriters' Laboratories under the re-examination service.
CORD-8 ft. attached.  OUTSIDE DIAMETER 14 1/4" DEPTH 3 1/4"

OK, Telechron didn't stop ALL clock production in 1942.  In fact, they begn producing this one in November of that year.  Evidently, it took making your cases out of fiber board to get approval to sell clocks.  My guess is all the new defense factories needed clocks and that was a need that had to be met.  They were still good clocks though and they kept making these until 1948 (the ad copy above is from 1946).

Production of this model was begun during the War and continued afterward.                

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