1L715  Lamp Illuminated Commercial Clock

Enjoy 24-hour visibility with this new, round wall clock.  Metal CASE and BACK are finished in statuary bronze lacquer.  Dual lamp ILLLUMINATION creates a soft glow throughout the white, translucent glass DIAL, giving clear definition to the opaque black characters.  Metal HANDS are black lacquered.  On-and-off switch is provided as well as resistors to limit voltage and assure long lamp life.  The MOVEMENT contains the standard, self-starting Telechron motor, with all the patented features that insure quiet, long life.  Telechron Clocks are approved by the Underwriters' Laboratories under the re-examination service, and are supplied with 8 ft. all-rubber cords.  OUTSIDE DIAMETER- 18 3/4" DEPTH 4 1/2"

Whoever was naming these 1 series clocks must have worked for the government at some point. 
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With the draft, a 1A ranking meant you were fit for military duty and likely to be inducted at any time.