The 2H09 and 2H09-A  Stewardess

STEWARDESS, an attractive clock for the kitchen wall.  Metal case in a variety of colors:  chrome with ivory, green, black, white, red or all chrome.  Priced at $4.95.  Telechron clocks, from $2.95 to $17.50 are sold by leading dealers throughout the country.

Model 2H09-A has a special gold and beige color scheme and special dial (above right).  Interesting is that the G.E. companion to the 2H09-A seems to be a similarly-colored 2H08 Garcon.  This is my favorite kitchen clock in the line.  The main thing to watch out for is pitting in the chrome.  The chrome was plated over copper-clad pot metal and if they got damp and that pot metals started to tarnish, there's no stopping it.  It's extremely hard to restore this kind of damage so go out of your way to find a good one and don't keep it down cellar.

Production of this model was
                suspended due to the War and never resumed.

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The clock above on the left is a near-exact reproduction of our little Stewardess in chrome.  It's a direct steal right down to the size and dial.  The main differences are: no reset signal or hole for one, quartz movement, no pendant set knob (that's a knob that hangs below the clock if you didn't guess) so you have to take clock off the wall to set the time and paper dial bearing the name of the "manufacturer".  How can anyone put their name on a clock that's just an inferior copy of someone else's work?  Oh, yeah--the new clock costs five times more than the original selling price of the Stewardess. With inflation, that's a bargain unless you consider the quartz "movement" will break in a year or two.  The clock on the right is a real Stewardess in ivory.