4H87  The Kirkwood

KIRKWOOD is handsome in design. A really outstanding value. Cased in beautiful wood, it would be perfect for mantel or table. Priced at $6.50. Telechron is the best known name in the electric clock field.

I always assumed this was mahogany until I got all that finish off it.  Then I could see it was the same kind of wood used in the Snug.  It's not a particularly pretty wood (my friend, Joseph calls it "monkeywood") so they stained it so dark that the grain would never show. From reading this page, you might think I just strip and refinish every clock I get my hands on.  That's not true.  It's just that a great many clocks pass through my doors and some would just never get displayed without a complete makeover.

Production of this model was suspended due to the War and never resumed.

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Alternate and presumably earlier Kirkwood dial (right) had a grey numeral band.