5H59  The Satellite

What a beauty! Your friends will exclaim over it! It's a new design in transparent glass and gold color metal. The case consists of a gold color metal ring, base and back cover with Ivory color plastic base rod. The 5 1/2-inch dial is of genuine plate glass with White filled, etched numerals and a lovely mirror center that reflects your room. Hands are or gold color metal. Stands 7 in. high and 5 3/4 in. wide. Retail price is $9.95

Telechron did have a "Satellite"--only it wasn't the 2H39.    The 5H59 should look like the one second from left (or the left one if you're a dog).  The problem with these clocks is that the silvering in the middle fades, wears and flakes and they get modified in all kinds of weird ways.  The reverse-painted, southwestern-themed unit third from left is at least as nice as the original.  (Maybe that's that "Art Nuevo" I keep hearing about on Ebay.)  Right of that is another clock of Dean's that I love featuring a Celtic knot and extra-wide, wooden base.  That blue one (I think it's a marriage with a Chelsea) showed up on Ebay so many times even I bid on it until a wiser friend stopped me (remember when Ebay let you see everything everybody was bidding on?  Seems like a dream now.)  The last one sports some wood grain where the mirror should be and I don't covet that one at all.
Production of this model was suspended due to the War and never resumed.
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