6B15  The Wickford

Hour and half-hour strike clock in an early American design.  Brown wood CASE has antique finish top ornament and light wood inlays.  4 1/2" metal DIAL has white background with black Roman numerals.  Metal BEZEL is finished in gold color and the HANDS are lacquered deep blue.  The MOVEMENT contains the standard, self-starting Telechron motor, with all the patented features that insure quiet, long life.  Telechron Clocks are approved by the Underwriters' Laboratories under the re-examination service, and are supplied with 6 ft. all-rubber cords.   HEIGHT 9 3/16" WIDTH 7 3/4" DEPTH 4 5/8"
Production of this model was suspended due to the War but resumed afterward.
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Henry Warren and the Wickford and a nice, young woman reportedly named Irene Ryan.  I tried to tell the Ebay seller of this photo that I didn't doubt her name was Irene Ryan only that she was not Granny as he claimed.  He responded by banning me from his auctions which was a pretty neat trick but not before I stole his picture so nyaaaah!