7H101  The Imp

This is probably the hardest of all Telechrons to find in perfect shape except maybe for the Electrolarm (gold trim) or the Satellite (silvering).  The case is nearly always chipped.  I have one a project Imp in pieces all over the house but one of those pieces is a perfect butterscotch catalin case.  The guts of this clock are from the Guest .
Production of this model was suspended due to the War but resumed afterward.
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A pre-War, brown Imp, now brown-green.  The bronze-colored back may be close to the original color.  When I got the clock, it was missing the set shaft.  The pinion, set spring and collar were all rattling around inside.  Luckily, I had just what I needed in the parts box.  That and a new cord were all the clock needed.  No chips or cracks-- not bad for $2.50.  Incedentally, there was a date on the inside of the case of Feb 17, 1941.  Unfortunately, I took it right off during cleaning.