offered as a General Electric model only  7H102  The Ashby

An artfully conceived alarm clock of classic modern design in glamorous setting of blue mirror glass.  This model also available in rose-colored mirror glass of delicate golden hue.  The dial is tan and ivory with rich brown numerals.  Gold-colored bezel and hands.  Width, 5 1/8 inches.  Height, 4 3/4 inches.  Depth, 3 1/4 inches.  Price $6.95

Alarm v. of the Conway.

I had wondered a long time about piecing a clock together from spare parts.  The clock above is the result of my first attempt at it.  If you stay collecting and fixing Telechrons long enough, you'll soon amass a collection of spare parts that even Dr. Frankenstein would envy.  I knew I needed a good pic of this model for "The War Years" so I found a 7H102 rear (I had two!) and the correct dial, I took the mirrored case from a ruined Conway (bought it just for this purpose) and started cobbling.  Everything else came from the parts box.  The result is an all-correct 7H102 where once there was nothing.  I don't know if I have another clock in parts downstairs but I'm pretty happy with this one except for one nagging question:  does this Ashby  have a soul?
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