The 7H107 Supervisor &  the 7H107K Warden

"Supervisor"  Available in brown or ivory color plastic case.  Bell type alarm.  Dial is 3 1/4 in. and clock stands 4 1/2 in. high. Suggested retail selling price, brown case, $3.50; ivory color case, $3.95.

"Warden"  Here's illuminated time at a modest price.  CASE is of mottled Brown or Ivory color plastic.  The translucent DIAL is light ivory in color with brown characters and the metal BEZEL is finished in gold color.  HANDS are of brown lacquered metal.   $4.95

Warden had the light and the translucent dial for it to shine through.  Supervisor (below) had a steel dial with numerals seen on the Snug.  The rear case of my ivory Warden (above) is walnut bakelite and apparently painted ivory at the factory (sorry, I ever doubted you, Kid!).  Whether that was due to some production mistake or some Wartime pressure we may never know.   Mine was a $10 Ebay rescue.  I got it broken, missing a knob and shutoff switch and full of roaches.  I was gonna turn around and sell it but once I had it cleaned and working and complete, I couldn't part with it.  I added a black, paper diffuser as seen in the Twinkle but only in the front.  I like the warm glow the lamp gives the rest of the case.
Production of this model was suspended due to the War and never resumed.
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SUPERVISOR is an attractive alarm designed in plastic.  In an ivory-color case as shown, it sells for $3.95.  In a brown case, it is $3.50. A practical gift for the most discriminating.
The Warden
Walnut bakelite Warden showing the pre-War red-brown that is just my favorite plastic.   I wish everything was made out of this stuff.  The bezel on this one was brass-colored lacquer over aluminum or something but the bezel on my ivory one was still solid brass.  The case screws on both were brass-plated steel too.