7H109  The Flotilla

Alarm version of the Resolute.  Although you might go years and years without seeing one in anything but all-brass (as above and below), they began and ended looking quite different.  Initially, the case was made of "oxidized metal" and I'm not even sure what that meant or what they looked like.  They might have been mistaken for heavily corroded brass and passed over by collectors.  In June, 1942, Flotillas were sold with a bakelite case like the Annapolis with a lot of steel parts to save brass.  (See pics at bottom.)
Production of this model was suspended due to the War and never resumed.
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Very rare 1942 version of the Flotilla with ivory case and lots of steel parts inside.   Note there's no hole in the case to accept the star ornament that decorates the Annapolis.  Only General Electric clocks ever wore those little brass stars.  This piece also has a (painted) steel inner bezel, and some steel gears.