7H117  The Reporter

Father Telechron was happy to tell you about his newest alarm in the late summer of 1941.  Came in ivory or walnut bakelite.  The Reporter holds it's own displayed between more expensive clocks on the alarm shelf.  At $2.95, it was the lowest-priced alarm Telechron had ever offered.  Today, if you have a gassed-up 747, a passport, visas and a suitcase full of money, you couldn't find a new alarm clock of this quality.  Am I the only one who gets depressed at that thought?

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Production of this model was suspended due to the War and never resumed.


Believe it or not, this was the original Ebay pic for the clock above (about 1998) .  After I cleaned all that brown gunk off the dial, I was left with only one shade of beige instead of two.  I can't remember what I used to get the paint off the case but it sure cleaned up nicely.  

Who needs a bell?  My personal favorite Telechron movement;  the right blend of simplicity and quality.