offered as a General Electric model only  7H136 The Gay Hour

A sprightly and colorful alarm model in a marble-like case of veined plastic.  Light ivory dial, framed in a gold-colored square bezel.  Gold-colored hands.  Price, Rose or Ivory, $5.95.

Woo, woo!  Beautiful deco dial; one of my favorites.  Very hard to find one without cracks.  I didn't even try.  Mine has cracks in three places and I'm okay with it.

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It's rare to find any kind of date inside a Telechron or GE.  I was particularly excited to find this one (Sep 8 1941) which was the first real confirmation I had that this was a pre-War model.  (If you have a GE catalog from 1941, please email!)  Also of note is the upside-down legend "Opalon  15".  I think G-E was calling it's catalin knockoff "Fiberlon" so "Opalon" may have been a synonym or the trademark name of a third party case manufacturer.  There's nothing compares to the look and feel of polished catalin.  It's pleasure just to run your fingers across it but the smell--well...