offered as a General Electric model only  7H136 The Gay Hour

A sprightly and colorful alarm model in a marble-like case of veined plastic.  Light ivory dial, framed in a gold-colored square bezel.  Gold-colored hands.  Price, Rose or Ivory, $5.95.

Woo, woo!  Beautiful deco dial; one of my favorites.  Very hard to find one without cracks.  I didn't even try.  Mine has cracks in three places and I'm okay with it.

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It's rare to find any kind of date inside a Telechron or GE.  I was particularly excited to find this one (Sep 8 1941) which was the first real confirmation I had that this was a pre-War model.  (If you have a GE catalog from 1941, please email!)  Also of note is the upside-down legend "Opalon  15".  Monsanto made about 70,000 formulas of Opalon and this was their Catalin knockoff.  There's nothing compares to the look and feel of polished Catalin.  It's pleasure just to run your fingers across it but the smell--well...