offered as a General Electric model only  7H142  The Contact

Up-to-the-minute in design and skillfully banded with a strip of pigskin-grained facsimile leather, here is a walnut-finished alarm clock in keeping with the latest decorative trends.  Gold-colored bezel and hands.  Cream white dial with light cream center.  Tobacco-brown striped numerals.  Width, 5 5/8 inches.  Height, 4 7/8 inches.  Depth, 3 inches.  Price, $6.95.

Sold for $1 more than the Gay Hour but the only difference was the case.   I don't remember the first one but the last one of these I fixed had a mostly steel movement.  I don't know if they all had a sticker dogtag but most didn't have what I would call a "walnut finish".
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