Available only as a General Electric model  7H144 The Nymph

The sparkling beauty of delicately tinted glass is a rich feature of this glass-framed boudoir clock.  Available in blue or rose-colored glass with sprayed
ivory backing and ivory plastic base.  Cream white dial with brown and gold numerals.  Width 5 1/2 inches.  Height, 6 1/2 inches.  Depth, 3 1/8 inches.
Price $7.95

They're supposed to come like the pink one but I like mine better.  When I got the blue one, most of the paint was already flaked off.  I just finished the job and re-lacquered the movement cover.  I'm unapologetic because I donated the pink one to the Ashland Historical Society and kept the blue one for me to look at.

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Telechron Repair Tip # 64 - Movement Covers -
Cracks to the movement cover are some of the most heartbreaking damage because it's unfixable & because it's so avoidable.  The cause is simply a case of tightening the movement cover too tightly against the back of the case.  How tight does it have to be?  Just turn the screws until the movement cover touches the case rear to prevent dust from getting in.  That's all.  Now go loosen up all those movement covers before you pick up one of your favorite clocks and find cracks like these.