offered as a General Electric model only  7H98  The Corporal

Another exceptional G-E Alarm Clock value.  Modern plastic case.  Available in two colors, brown or ivory.  Height, 5 3/8 in.  Price:  Brown, $3.95; Ivory, $4.50.

Corporal was around for long time and there are many variations.  The one above, left was in a 1939 brochure.  The middle one was in the 1940-41 catalog.  I'm guessing the right one was from 1941 or '42.
Production of this model was suspended due to the War but resumed afterward.
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We didn't have sales figures for 7H98s anyway but I can't find any mention of luminous Corporals in catalogs or brochures.  When found, the brown ones always have the "Lotus" dial and the ivory ones the "Eureka" dial.  Were those their names?  Oh, and you will also find Corporals carrying Sergeant's dials.  


The radium paint on these old alarm clocks will kill you so don't do what I did.  What I did was take a cheap jar of luminous paint, the only brush my kids didn't wreck and spent a relaxing hour making this dial come alive again.
If I couldn't smell, I'd like my whole house made out of whatever kind of bakelite this is.  It's really something.