offered as a General Electric model only  7HX114  The Norse

An exceedingly rich-looking bell Alarm model in which the natural warmth of the mottled-brown plastic case is enhanced by a gold-colored base band and bezel.  Tan dial with light Ivory numeral band and Tan and Brown numerals.  Gold-colored hour, minute and sweep-second hands.  Green alarm hand.  Width, 4 5/8 inches.  Height, 5 3/16 inches.  Depth, 3 inches.  $5.95

Special campaign version of the Morning Star .  Nothing special; just a nice clock.  I got mine for $15 in September, 2004 at the flea market.  It was immaculate inside and the only thing wrong with it was a detached alarm hand.  It's almost as if someone bought it and never used it because of the alarm hand but kept it put away.  I just put a dot of oil on the second gear, replaced the hands and polished the case.  Looks almost like the day it was made.
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I'm always careful about adding new models or model variants to the site but I think we have one here.   In 2019, I bought that Norse above on the left with the luminous dial from the New Lumalarm.  I don't know why since it wasn't supposed to come that way.  Then in 2021, the one above right appeared for sale.  That's proof enough for me but I understand if you're a still a skeptic.  Anyone else have a luminous Norse?