This model was sold by Montgomery Ward.  7HX130 or the "45-1000", "45-1001" and "45-1002"

Style Leaders.  Made for Wards by one of the country's leading manufacturers.  As beautiful as they are practical.  Sleek case in ultra-modern design for use in any room.  Accurate, reliable electric movements.  Self-starting motor that's quiet in operation.  Long center second hand.  Current Interruption indicator.  Bell alarm with back shut-off.  Size 5 1/2 by 4 1/2 in. high.  $3.49 - $4.95

Talk about a hard luck story!  In 1941, Montomery Ward had the great good sense to have Telechron make them an alarm clock with a simple, attractive case and it makes the top of Counsumer Reports Best Buys List and what happens?  Pearl Harbor!  45-1000 was the brown bakelite model, 45-1001 (above, right) had the ivory case and brass ornaments and the 45-1002 had both plus luminous hands and dial.  From what I can see "45" was Montgomery Ward's catalog code for clocks whether or not they were Ward-branded clocks but the last number is the identifier as you already guessed.  In a pinch, the case is a replacement home for the Deputy or so says the Parts Catalog.

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