Available only as a General        Electric model   7HX146

Same as the 7H102 save for the dial.  We still don't know what G-E called it.

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          You'll have to see this beautiful boudoir en-            rose. In perfect harmony is the artfully de-
          semble to appreciate what a really remark-            signed General Electric alarm clock whose
          able value it is. Two dainty clear crystal                  gold-rimmed dial is set in mirror glass of
          lamps with exquisite white fluted shades to             either blue or rose to match the lamp bases.
          which a dash of color is added by the col-                It's a gift that will delight any woman who
          ored mirror bases—your choice of blue or              likes lovely things.  A regular $11.95 value. 

$9.70 Plus 70c Tax
$1.50 DOWN. $1 .50 MONTHLY
 From a Georgia Power Company ad. 21 December 1941  I had this one pegged as a post-War model until I found the ad above.  I have no reason to think the lamps were made or suggested by G-E.  Since it missed the 1941-1942 catalog and was likely discontinued in April '42 with every other model, it had a short life indeed.