This one may not have had a model name but I'm convinced it's the real McCoy.  The model number should have precluded the 3H99 but we can assume no one remembered this clock once the War was over.   It was the last "campaign model" clock Telechron produced. The movement which is from the Usher (a campaign clock from five years prior) fitted to goodness knows what kind of Textileather-wrapped wood case.  We do have a date for it:  Summer 1942.  That makes it the very last Telechron model seen until the Dispatcher in 1945.  I was stumped by the hands for far too long but I finally opened my eyes.  Not set at 8:18, they're at 12:55 showing the V-for Victory sign!

Actual phony image based on best-guess speculation of what Father T. would look like holding the CH399.
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