Post-War Magic   1945  - 1949

Telechron emerged from the War wholly owned by General Electric but in great shape financially.  It expanded its operations and hired lots of new workers.  That's the good news.

The bad news is they figured out how little Americans would accept in terms of style and quality.  One can immediately began to see a drop in new designs and although mechanically, the clocks were still sound, new models were designed with less expensive materials.  Take the dwindling 3 series offerings: a tiny tambour, a silent version of the 7H103 and three cheaply redesigned versions of older models.

More focus was placed on kitchen clocks, previously only a sideline.  These years were a boon to the housewife, offering her a wide array of affordable labor-saving devices.  Dependable electric time was just one more.

There was also bevy of new alarm clock offerings and they were more in demand than ever.  I believe Telechron figured the small, additional cost of alarm parts didn't warrant marketing silent versions of table clocks.   Sadly, the 6B17 is the end of the line for the 6 series.  The 5 series is already extinct by now (don't let on I told you, but it stages a bizarre comeback in a few years) and we're seeing here the virtual end of the 3 and 4 series too.

The company did have an ace in the hole:  The clock radio.  The 8H59 Musalarm was the first dedicated clock radio ever and sold like hotcakes.  Telechron also marketed a variety of radio and appliance timers that did their part to perform some post-War magic for America.

1 SERIES 1B915 1H1308 1H1312 1H1412 1B1415        
2 SERIES 2H02 2H07 2H08 2H11 2H15 2H17 2H18 2H19 2H20
2 SERIES 2H21 2H22 2H24 2H25 2H27        
3 SERIES 3H06 3H07 3H99 3H151 3H155  3H157 3H168 3H172 3H176
3 SERIES 3H178 3H180              
4 SERIES 4H55 4H99              
6 SERIES 6B15 6B17 6B18 6B20          
7 SERIES 7H57 7H91 7H98 7H101 7H103 7H118 7H133 7H135 7H137
7 SERIES 7H139 7H140 7H141 7H147 7H149 7H153 7H154 7H155 7H157
7 SERIES 7H159 7H160 7H161 7H162 7H163 7H164 7H165 7H166 7H168
7 SERIES 7H170 7H174 7H176 7H178 7H180      
8 SERIES 8B22 8B23 8H55 8H57 8H58 8H59 8H60 8H61 8H63
8 SERIES 8H64 8H66 8H67